I started in the music business in the late 60's ,Writing Songs,And Music,And playing several instruments.I played for some country artist's ,Like the late and great Buck Owens ,Before getting my first recording contract in Nashville in 1999,As Tennessee Larue. I started producing,Selling music for artist's and pitching my music ,for all opportunity's.I tour 6 months out of the year ,In the spring and have all these years.I was inducted to the Honor Society this year for which I'm very humble to be in, the category of Preforming Arts,And Music.And listed in the Cambridge Who's Who also. All these years my fans have stood by my side and supported me and those are the folks I love ! My music will all ways be done for all of them ,Now my music plays for over 7 million people around the world for which I'm Humbled ,And My Fan Base is over 107,000 Thousand Fans ,And growing all the time ,I Thank God,  And all of you, All these years,Today I travel with my band "Shin Bone Alley" and I'm so proud of these guys ,Great , Season veterans in Music  And Talented to no end each one of them ,And Brother's  to me, all of them. Larry Cox -Aka Tennessee Larue